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Other representative of a single product, such as Boeing and Croisi จจ re travelling bag can be folded completely, but none of them can even if the SainteLucie package as Goyard folding art. Sainte Lucie package Caravelle suitcase isn't the only Goyard folding works. Other representative of a single product, such as Boeing and Croisi re travel kit can also be completely folded, but none of them can even as the Sainte Lucie package as Goyard folding art. The Sainte Lucie package is inspired by an old ships bag brand profile, the traditional design and Caravelle suitcase its originality is very similar, and the bag into luggage products elegant and timeless classic. However, in addition to see, on the Sainte Lucie package has more connotation, behind its decent appearance implies a personal independence of conduct of the spirit, a constantly reinvented their amazing talent. Whether it is touted as a attract sb.'s attention fashionable travel bag or a bold City briefcase, Sainte Lucie packets are priorities for modern metrosexual man, they appreciate its extraordinary beauty and elegant fun attitude. The neat lines of pure and soft body excellent quality make it especially suitable for customization, and in selecting the appropriate Goyardine color also have infinite space, because no matter the color profile or bright, use on this bag can show the same outstanding effect. Goyard uphold traditional, many subtle details to brand as the system box division history tribute, such as decorative cover collar, ergonomic handle or follow traditional luggage. Sainte Lucie packets or minimalist or beautiful, or a classic or fashion, the essence of the myriads of changes, but not from the Pope is out of the ordinary temperament.