Dario Zausa


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Artistic profile

Dario Zausa was born in 1961 in Vicenza, near Venice.
He attended his studies in the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice where he took a degree with the best results.
He devoted himself with intensity to painting and he took part in the first Art exhibition in 1980.
One hundred of his works of art have been showed in Italy, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Austria, United States and Australia.

Zausa paints themes or/and upon request. He can develop his pictorial style and different ways of representation. We can point out among his styles: the trompe-oeil, portraits and muster's copy represented by great painters of the past.

He realizes his painting works in private houses, big villas, company offices, hotels, restaurants and public places.

He collaborates with some architects making modern decorations and ornaments in some villas in minimalist style.

In “this site”, are a few examples of the polyhedric talent of the Artist.